Sample Presentations *

Attack Out of the Sun: Lessons from the Red Baron for Our Business and Personal Lives (Success, Leadership, & Market Effectiveness Training) 

Formulating Your Vision, Mentoring, Goal Setting, Visualizing Success, Growing Your Team, Taking the Offense, Knowing Your Strengths & Weaknesses, Respecting the Competition, Seizing the Advantage, Efficient Management, Effective Leadership, Getting Your Product Noticed, Staying Close to Your Customers, Humility, Values, and Relaxation & Stress Reduction.

Stress and Fatigue Training

Defines stress, types of stress, and common myths; examines the Type A personality and stressors peculiar to an individual's makeup; explains the Pressure Performance Curve and its implications; explores the importance of teams and support mechanisms in stress reduction; examines physiological, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive stress; considers some stressors to which Type As are particularly vulnerable; discusses ways to combat stress on and off the job; explores exercises in moving from a Type A to a Type B personality; and briefly explores risk compensation strategy.

Approach-and-Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR) Training (Based on DJ's original doctoral research)

Statistical review of accidents related to personnel, equipment, and environmental factors; explores acceptance of vulnerability as the first step in avoidance of risk-taking behaviors; examines a new model of the environment, situation awareness (SA), decision making (DM), and performance; explores in detail 28 causal factors implicated in approach-and-landing accidents; discusses critical combinations of factors that can predict and/or describe incidents and accidents; examines common errors in contemporary aviation and training that can essentially hinder accident reduction; introduces the Critical Safety Factor Tool (free to participants) that raises vigilance, serves as an SOP template, alerts crews to critical factors and combinations of factors that can be predictive and/or descriptive of accidents.

Additional Popular Interactive Lectures (many presented by Dr. Heinrich on cruise ships) *

Aviation Safety: Tranquil Skies or Unexpected Turbulence?
A look at basic aircraft aerodynamics and the safety of flying today.
The Red Baron: An Analysis of World War I's Greatest Ace
A fascinating look at Manfred von Richthofen and his incredible accomplishments as the Great War's masterful ace of aces.
Last Flight: Who Killed the Legendary Red Baron?
An analysis of the Red Baron's final dogfight and deadly treetop pursuit of a Sopwith Camel aircraft over the Somme River in northern France in 1918,
Oswald Boelcke: Father of Air Fighting Tactics
Explores the incredible aviation career of the first recipient of Germany's Blue Max and mentor to the Red Baron,
Houston, We Have a Problem: Around the World in 42 Hours!
The remarkable rescue of a stranded corporate aircraft on the opposite side of the globe.
Stress Reduction: How Do Pilots Remain So Calm?
Discussion of the myths and facts about stress and how those in high-stress jobs remain calm under pressure.
The Future of Aviation: Fasten Your Seatbelts!
An exciting glimpse of what flying will be like in the future.
The Red Baron's Key Principles: Achieving Victory!
An analysis of Manfred von Richthofen's keys to success.
The History of Aviation
An fascinating tour of the evolution of aviation.
A Day in the Life of a Corporate Pilot: Next Stop, Bangalore, India!
A long international flight day, followed by an equally long night!
A Day in the Life of an Air Force Instructor Pilot
An interesting day of student training from a Master Instructor Pilot's perspective.
Select Your Personal Autopilot
How to put your life on "autopilot" to reduce stress and accomplish more!
Miracle on the Hudson
An analysis of Sully Sullenberger's remarkable January 2009 landing of US Airways Flight 1549 aircraft on the Hudson River after encountering a flock of Canadian geese shortly after takeoff from New York's La Guardia airport.

*Note: Programs can be easily tailored for your audience to cover all or any combination of elements.