Dr. DJ Heinrich discusses the future of space exploration aboard the Pacific Princess Cruise Ship


Durwood “DJ” Heinrich, Ph.D.
Motivational Speaker, Business/Aviation Consultant, and award-winning Author

Comments from recent conference attendees:

“Great presentation – very helpful information!”

"WOW, what a great inspiring presentation. The application from CEOs and senior management to all managers in leadership positions. You have a Superb Idea and a Delivery that all attendees benefit from. Your entire delivery just flows. There is something for all levels of management."
"I have had the good fortune to attend two of Dr. Heinrich's presentations. The first was directed to a group of pilots hosted by the 
National Business Aviation
Association. This presentation was focused on how pilots today can benefit by using the Red Baron's
flying tactics to compliment their flying skills. The second meeting
was how corporate officers and other manager's can use the Red
Baron's philosophy to
improve their leadership skills. Dr. Heinrich has that unique quality to keep his audience's attention as he
presents his message.
I would recommend Dr. Heinrich to any group who are interest improving their station in life. "

“The Dr. did a very good job, knew material, spoke clearly and made his presentation interesting.  Glad I came!”

“Enjoyed this class. Good information and well-presented.”

“Excellent topic which should be presented at every meeting/conference.”

“Very knowledgeable speaker. Good presentation.”

“Very informative – valuable information!”

“Great videos – kept audience involved. Relevant data.”

“Dr. Heinrich is a very good speaker and easy to listen to.”

“Very informative and good information! This will help in our  general knowledge in our operations department.”

Cruise Ship Management: "Nice topics; nice comments from passengers; very popular; well attended."