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Motivational Speaker • Business/Aviation Consultant • Author • Pilot

Dr. Durwood "DJ" Heinrich is a business and aviation consultant, speaker, and award-winning author. His broad education in engineering, business, and industrial/organizational psychology coupled with his considerable background in management, leadership, and the stressful environment associated with piloting military and commercial aircraft make him uniquely qualified to train, consult, and entertain. He has been conducting presentations before large audiences since 1997. He also prepares effective and dynamic PowerPoint presentations for companies and individuals.

Dr. Heinrich's book Attack Out of the Sun explores the life of famous World War I eight-victory ace pilot Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron), including his personality, technical skills, management style, leadership ability, strategies, and undaunted determination. Against the backdrop of the Red Baron’s positive attributes as a wartime hero, Attack Out of the Sun focuses on preparation and planning for success, execution for results, and evaluation and renewal to help you improve your business interactions and personal life.