Dr. Heinrich shows a short video of a "Hummingbird" Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) in flight

Durwood DJ Heinrich, Ph.D.

Motivational Speaker, Business/Aviation Consultant, and Author

Reasons to choose Dr.  DJ  Heinrich  as  your  next  speaker:

  • Professionalism - DJ understands that your reputation is at stake when he takes the stage. Accordingly, he will work with you to ascertain that both he and the topic are right for your audience before agreeing to a contract.  Further, there will be no surprises and you can anticipate a hearty congratulations from your boss when DJ leaves the podium.
  • Customized Presentation - You've most likely seen speakers who take out time-worn material and simply insert your company or association's name in once or twice during the program. DJ will provide a unique presentation tailored specifically to the needs and desires of your group. His pre-program research begins with your very first conversation and continues on through the event.
  • Scientific-Based - You and your audience can easily detect the difference between a speaker and an expert. DJ is an expert in the fields of leadership, organizations, team-building, and safety.
  • Energy - Although some celebrities and experts have curb appeal and content, many do not have the proper delivery tools. DJ has the ability to capture the attention of your audience from the very beginning to both inspire and to motivate.
  • Interest - Hiring an experienced pilot who has prepared a program around the life of World War Is famous and greatest ace Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) will make your event program stand out  and build pre-program enthusiasm.
  • The Extra Mile - DJ typically furnishes handouts and other materials to participants.  DJ's work for you does not end when the microphone is turned off.  As needed, he will join your group in any social functions before or after the event.
  • Take The Message Home! - DJ's book, ATTACK OUT OF THE SUN, not only serves as a basis for his presentations but it is also makes an excellent tool for your attendees to take home as a resource for application long after the program. Books will be available for purchase at the session. Better yet, consider providing each attendee with his or her own copy. They make excellent take-away gifts for the participants. Inquire about special presentation pricing. 

Travel Requirements:

  • One (1) refundable coach class airfare (business class for international) provided by the hiring company / association. Automobile fuel reimbursement for local events.
  • Hotel accommodations at or near the event site for the evening before the event (2 nights if the meeting is late afternoon / evening or international). If desired, we would be happy to make arrangements.
  • Transportation to / from the airport and the event site provided or reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement for three moderately priced meals per day.

AV Requirements:

  • (1) Lavalier microphone 
  • (1) Hand-held microphone 
  • PowerPoint will most likely be used. DJ will need a projector and screen to fit the size of the audience 
  • DJ will want to be able to check the room set-up with you the night before the event if possible.