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Motivational Speaker - DJ Heinrich, Ph.D.

"I really enjoyed the book and there were many parts that hit me right between the eyes. I just came off vacation (your book was only one that I read) and between the time off and your inspiration, I easily faced challenges at work today I normally may have stressed over."


Dr. DJ Heinrich will create a custom presentation to fit your specific requirements

Whether you are looking for a professional PowerPoint presentation to enhance your business bottom-line or simply interested in a presentation that will serve as an autobiography of your life to present to your family and various organizations, Dr. Heinrich and his staff will meet your needs.

Red Baron Concepts and DJ have many years of experience in preparing and delivering effective presentations that hold the attention of audiences and always leave them wanting more. The key is to combine a powerful message coupled with effective supporting text, graphics, videos, and sound.

Effective PowerPoint Presentations!

Dr. Heinrich's presentations are effective marketing vehicles that get results. Whether you wish to educate, motivate, or sell your products, your custom presentation will deliver ... every time!

Contrary to what you may have seen or heard, there is no one "best" way to put together a PowerPoint presentation. What works extremely well for one audience may completely bomb with another. That's why it is critical that I work with you to target your specific audience and formulate your presentation accordingly. Further, a presentation designed to entertain or motivate an audience is completely different from a technical one geared at informing management or a crisis team of a potentially devastating engineering problem.

Even when we think we know the general makeup of our audience, we are all different personalities and learn more effectively in different ways. So it becomes important that we not only successively build on each previous slide but also that we allow the individuals in the audience the opportunity to be informed and learn from all the various tools at our disposal: supporting text, audio, images, video, and, of course, the speaker's message and dynamic delivery. Typically, the more senses the audience uses, the greater the comprehension and retention. A stunning visual may sometimes generate a "wow moment" at a sales conference, but sometimes only a detailed chart or matrix will fill the requirement to put the facts "on the table." There is a right time (and a wrong time) for everything! Let Dr. Heinrich and his staff help you be the hero at you next conference!


Presentation Examples:
  • Marketing Presentations (Boost business, sell products!)
  • Internal Company Meetings (Management, department, & team meetings)
  • Informational Meetings (Communication, briefings, policy, strategy)
  • Training Sessions (Skill building, education, productivity)
  • Motivational Conferences/Seminars (Inspire, promote teamwork)
  • Problem Resolution (Resolve issues, establish direction)
  • Reporting (Education, factual summaries)
  • Story-telling (Autobiography, image slide shows, animations)

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