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Motivational Speaker - DJ Heinrich, Ph.D.

Durwood “DJ” Heinrich, Ph.D.

Motivational Speaker • Business/Aviation Consultant • Author • Editor • Pilot

Dr. Heinrich is a business and aviation consultant, speaker, and award-winning author. His broad education in engineering, business, and industrial/organizational psychology coupled with his considerable background in management, leadership, and the stressful environment associated with piloting military and commercial aircraft make him uniquely qualified to train, consult, and entertain. He has been conducting presentations before large audiences since 1997 and has been published numerous times since 1998. 

Attack Out of the Sun: Lessons from the Red Baron for Our Business and Personal Lives

This flagship presentation based on Dr. Heinrich’s book about Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) includes the following fascinating topics:


  • Seek the Blue Max (Formulate Your Vision)
  • Select Your Boelcke (Find a Mentor)
  • Be the First of the Chasers (Establish Goals)
  • Envision Your Target (Visualize Victory)
  • Fly in Formation (Grow Your Team)
  • Make Your First Shots Count (Be Aggressive!)
  • Function in Perfect Unity (Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses)
  • Fight with Chivalry (Respect the Competition)
  • Attack Out of the Sun (Secure the Upper Hand)
  • Count Bullet Holes (Be an Efficient Manager)
  • Mount a Gun to Your Machine (Be an Effective Leader)
  • Paint Your Machine Red (Make Your Product Stand Out)
  • Take Your Circus on the Road (Stay Close to Your Customers)
  • Be Modest in Your Victories (Be True to Yourself)
  • Tie Your Handkerchief to a Steeple (Value Family and Friends)
  • Get a Dog (Relax!)

Dr. Heinrich provides his audiences with not only entertainment but with useful, current information and tools to use in real‐life business and personal settings. Further, his presentations are crafted to the specific business and personal needs and interests of the particular audiences.

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